Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ready-to-assembly furniture?
Ready-to-assemble furniture is furniture that requires assembly after it is purchased.  Ready-to-assembly furniture saves the retailer - and you the customer - the high cost of shipping pre-assembled furniture. 

Will Konkord Assembly, Inc. work with ready-to-assemble furniture from any store?
Yes!  We will assemble furniture from any local or on-line retailer.  Simply contact us once you have received the delivery and we will schedule a convenient date and time for service at your residence or business.

What if I don’t know how to describe my furniture or know who the manufacturer is?
Don’t worry.  Konkord Assembly, Inc. will be happy to send a furniture assembly technician out to give you an estimate.  You simply pay the $50 minimum charge which may be applied to the cost of assembly services.

Will the furniture assembly technician take my empty boxes or packaging away?
Yes!  We will be happy to move any empty boxes or packaging to your outdoor trash area for pick-up. 

How long will the assembly take?
It depends on what item(s) you have that require assembly. The typical time frame is between 1 and 4 hours. Once we know what items you have, we will provide you with an estimate on the amount of time needed to complete the assembly.

Does Konkord Assembly, Inc. accept checks?
For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, business check, money order or credit card.  We do not accept personal checks. 

What if the Konkord Assembly, Inc. discovers parts missing or defective?
The Konkord Assembly, Inc. furniture assembly technician will assist you in contacting the manufacturer or retailer’s customer service department in the event a part is missing or defective. The replacement part should be sent directly to you, at which time you can reschedule our services, and pay only for one visit. 
Will the furniture assembly technician move the furniture for me?
Only within the room it is assembled.  We ask that you have your furniture delivered to the room you would like it in prior to our assembly technician’s arrival.  Please make sure there is plenty of room for the assembly and/or installation and that any fragile objects are removed from the area. Once the service is complete, the Konkord Assembly, Inc. technician will move the furniture to your desired position in the room.

What if my question is not listed here?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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